About the blog

This is an opportunity for me to share my adventures and experiences in the fascinating world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and interact with others who are interested in this technology platform. My hope in sharing these experiences, is to help other Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software Developers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance and Testers, Users and other people interested in Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics 365, and related technologies.

On this blog, I will be covering the following areas in relation to Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Configuration of Dynamics 365
    • Settings and integration with other Microsoft offerings
    • Entities, entity relationships, and fields
    • Solutions, forms, views, and visualizations
    • Business rules, workflows, and business process flows
  • Customization and extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Client Side
      • JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries
      • IFRAMEs and Web Page Web Resources
        • HTML
        • CSS
      • Image (JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO) Web Resources
      • Integrations with open source software
    • Server Side
      • Plugins
      • Custom Workflow Activities
      • Web Services